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Kirtland celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month


Saturday, Sept. 15, marks the beginning of this year’s Hispanic Heritage Month, a month-long celebration of Hispanic and Latino heritage and culture.

This year, Kirtland and Sandia National Laboratories are joining forces to bring celebrations and events to the base.

“The Hispanic culture and heritage is very important to New Mexico,” said Katrina Esquibel, Sandia National Laboratories project controller. “We like to celebrate and bring to light the culture here at Kirtland.”

Events throughout the month include a movie day on Sept. 18, art contest and food tasting event on Sept. 20 and a Diversity Day, scheduled to take place on Sept. 27, which will include a car show, food trucks and a performance from Al Hurricane, Jr.

This marks the third year Sandia and Kirtland have partnered for Hispanic Heritage Month.

“We noticed Kirtland was having some of its own events, and [Sandia National Laboratories] was having their own events,” said Keith Vigil, Sandia National Labs quality assurance. “Rather than Kirtland and Sandia having their own independent events, we started planning together and coordinating together. We are able to put on bigger events so everyone can come together and celebrate Hispanic Heritage.”

For event times and locations, keep an eye on the Kirtland AFB Facebook page.