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Kirtland Family Housing

Do I have a choice to live on base or off base?

Yes, however, we'd like to give you an opportunity to view the on base housing as it is convenient to offices on base. However, the final decision is yours to make.


Do I pay the property manager or does the Air Force pay the property manager? 

You will need to set up an allotment to pay your rent through finance.


Does the base housing office have anything to do with the houses on base now?

Kirtland's housing privatization finalized on 1 May 03. The former Family Housing Office now serves as a Housing Management and Referral Office which will manage the Privatization Project and refer members either to the on-base "Privatized" housing or off base. The existing houses and associated improvements (e.g., playgrounds) located in the various housing areas on Kirtland AFB have been conveyed to Kirtland Family Housing, LLC. This means the houses and Kirtland Family Housing, LLC, owns improvements but the land will continue to be owned by the Air Force.


How many pets can I have in privatized housing?

Two walking pets are allowed if you sign your lease after 1 May 03. Up to three walking pets will be grandfathered into your lease if you were a resident prior to 1 May 03.


How much is the rent for housing on base? 

Rent is equal to the member's Basic Allowance for Housing with dependents. In the case of mil-to-mil couples, rent will equal the BAH with dependents rate for the senior member of the family.


I heard the West side homes are going away? Is that true? Why and When?

Eventually, all on base housing will be "on base." All the housing will be closer to the community buildings such as, the commissary, BX and chapel, which are all found on the eastside of the base. Maxwell housing will be available to lease until 2019.


I'm worried about security for my family; can just anyone reside in houses on base?

As long as the land is owned by the Air Force, Security Forces will provide protection to military personnel and property, and the housing can remain behind the fence line.


My dog is a pit-bull and is not aggressive, but I heard I have to get rid of my dog if I live in privatized housing? What's this about pet liability insurance?

IAW 377 ABW/CC, Order Banning Vicious Dogs from Base Housing, dated 24 Dec 02: 
Vicious dogs (as defined below) are hereby banned from base housing at Kirtland AFB. Inbound personnel will not be allowed to bring pets, as listed below, onto Kirtland AFB: 

"Pit Bulls, American Straffordshire Bull Terriers, English Straffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers (full or mixed breed), wolf hybrids, or any canine breed with dominate traits geared toward aggression are not permitted in military family housing. In cases of mixed breeds and other disputes, the base veterinarian's determination will be final and conclusive." 

At the time this policy was implemented, those residents with these types of dogs were "grandfathered" into the policy with the following conditions: 

They may not breed or acquire more of these types of dogs and their pets will be banned from base if they escape, threaten, or bite one time. Additionally, proof of liability insurance with the minimum amount of $100,000 of coverage which specifically identified the dog was required. 

All pets, regardless of breed, are required to be registered with the Base Veterinary Clinic and the private contractor, Kirtland AFB Family Housing, LLC. Failure to observe the prohibitions contained in this order is a violation of Article 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice. 


Who maintains the yards in privatized housing?

Kirtland AFB Family Housing, LLC is responsible for providing yard maintenance in the areas that are not fenced.


Why do I have to pay rent to live in housing on base? 

The on base housing is no longer owned and operated by the Air Force. It is owned and operated by a third party contractor. Therefore, all members entitled to BAH and eligible to live in on-base housing will pay to lease these houses.


Why do I have to sign a lease to live on base? 

The housing under the Military Privatization Initiative is considered private sector housing. Legally, a lease is required.