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Space Development Group

Mission Statement
Provide spaceflight for Department of Defense Space Test Program, research and development payloads, experiments, risk-reduction demonstrations and operationally responsive space systems. Builds, tests, integrates, launches and operates R&D and ORS systems. Integrates, launches and operates all DOD payloads on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. Provide development support to other Space Development and Test Wing programs. DOD lead for auxiliary payloads on Air Force expendable launch vehicles. Demonstrate technology for future space warfighting systems.

Spacecraft Development Squadron
The Space Development Squadron provides spaceflight for DOD Space Test Program payloads. They develop, integrate, test and launch experimental technologies and prototype space systems. SDS supports risk reduction activities for other DOD space programs, integrates experiments as secondary payloads on DOD spacecraft and demonstrates technology for future space systems.

Responsive Space Squadron
The Responsive Space Squadron develops, integrates, tests, launches, fields and supports operations of an operationally responsive space capability for DOD. They execute other missions required to support and field ORS capabilities and directly interface with the organizations responsible for commanding, controlling and using ORS capabilities in support of Unified Command plan-defined operational missions.

Responsive Satellite Command and Control Division
The Responsive Satellite Command and Control Division develops, integrates, tests, fields and maintains telemetry, tracking and control systems, data processing and distribution systems and operations support equipment for experimental and prototype spacecraft and other unique spacecraft as assigned.

Human Spaceflight Payloads Division
The Human Spaceflight Payloads Division provides spaceflight for advanced DOD R&D experiments and prototype operational systems aboard human rated space-based platforms utilizing U.S. civil, foreign and commercial launch vehicles. They provide for integration, launch and on-orbit operations of DOD operational and R&D satellites in the Space Shuttle and International Space Station and develop long-range plans for DOD's exploitation of future human-rated launch capabilities in support of global military objectives

Space Test Program