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Contracting and assistance information July 2010

Model contracts (applicable to Broad Agency Announcements)
Because the BAA solicitation and award process generally provides for awarding a wide range of contracts. it is typically not possible to include all of the required and potentially desired provisions, clauses, terms and conditions applicable to any given contract award that might result from a particular BAA. Except in those unusual situations where a model contract can be developed and included in the announcement itself, model contracts will be provided to each apparent successful offeror for review and comment as part of the BAA solicitation and award process.
Broad Agency Announcement Reference Documents
· Additional Assistance Information
·Guide to Preparing Contractor Statements of Work
· Contract Data Requirements List Instructions

Additional Information
· AFRL/DEO Security Guidelines and Tips for Contractors
· AFRL/DEO Sample Cover Letter for Contractors
· SBIR Phase II Success-Story