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Energy Savings

Summer Energy Saving Tips 

Open windows slightly when an evaporative cooler is in use. Evaporative coolers pump cool air into buildings, so open windows will allow the hot air to escape.  Open windows just enough to direct warm air out without letting hot air in. Venting evaporative coolers by opening windows also helps reduce moisture accumulation in the building.

Close doors and windows when refrigerated air conditioning is on. Air conditioners recirculate indoor air, and open doors and windows allow cool air to escape.

Turn off the air conditioner or raise the thermostat setting when the area will be vacant for an extended period. Set the thermostat as high as comfort permits (80°F to 85°F). You can save two to four percent on electricity for every degree higher the thermostat is set.

Use ceiling fans to help circulate the air. During warm weather, setting the fan so that the breeze blows downward (leading edge of blades should be pointing up) creates a cool breeze.

Turn off air conditioners and open windows whenever possible to allow outside air to cool your home or business.

Draw blinds, shades or drapes to block the sun during the hottest part of the day.