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Poison Control 1-800-222-1222

Main Pharmacy located behind the VA hospital
1501 San Pedro Dr SE Bldg 47
Albuquerque, NM 87108

BX Pharmacy located just inside the Gibson Gate in the Exchange (BX) mini-mall across from Alterations.

Phone Numbers:
Main (Clinic): 505-846-3131
BX: 505-846-7902
Refill line: 505-846-5700 or toll free 1-800-752-7990

Main (Clinic)  Pharmacy: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
BX Pharmacy: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.,  Monday - Friday

The pharmacy is closed on federal holidays, training days, and family days.
Training days are the 3rd Tuesday of every month starting at noon.

New Prescriptions
All new prescriptions from non-377 MDG Clinic providers are now filled at the BX pharmacy.

Refills must be called in at 505-846-5770. The patient may call the prescription refill request line up to seven days in advance to request refills. The refill is typically ready 3 duty days from when a prescription is called in.

**New prescriptions and refills will be returned if they are not picked up within five duty days.

Transfers will be honored from other military treatment facilities and civilian pharmacies. Transfer requests can be made in person at either pharmacy. Bring your prescription bottles at the time of the request to make it easier to collect all the necessary information. Transfers will be ready in three duty days. Transfers cannot be conducted between the mail-order pharmacy (express scripts) or any VA facility.

The following requirements apply to all transfers:
· Prescription must have refills remaining
· Prescription cannot be expired 
· Prescriptions for controlled substances can only be transferred one time

Faxed and Electronic Prescriptions
Faxed prescriptions are accepted directly from the provider's office at 505-853-1597.
Electronic prescriptions can be submitted via the "DOD Kirtland ePhcy" site from the provider's office.

Patients must check in at the Pharmacy to confirm the faxed or electronic prescription was received and begin the filling process. This can be done over the phone or in person.

Formulary is available on the MDG homepage at:  http://www.kirtland.af.mil/units/377th-Medical-Group. Look for the big blue icon.

Patients should consider taking a copy of our updated formulary to civilian provider visits. This will assist your provider in selecting medications that are available at Kirtland AFB.

Mail Order Pharmacy
Mail order pharmacy is available through the Tricare Express Scripts Home Delivery Pharmacy. Co-pays may apply.