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Handicap parking at Kirtland

Disabled veterans must display a handicap license plate or handicap (significant mobility limitation) placard on their vehicle in order to park in designated handicap parking on and off Kirtland Air Force Base. New Mexico law, which is observed on the installation, does not recognize a disabled veteran license plate as eligible to use handicap parking spaces. State laws for obtaining handicap plates or placards are different than for disabled veteran license plates. 

Handicapped license plate information can be found on the MVD website at http://www.mvd.newmexico.gov/handicapped-plate.aspx or contacted toll free at 888-683-4636 or 505-846-8390 for questions regarding eligibility or acquiring a significant mobility impaired placard. Additional questions or concerns can also be directed to Kirtland Security Forces Law Enforcement Operations at 505-846-0309 regarding proper use of handicap parking.

Above is an example of a New Mexico handicap parking license plate.  It displays a wheelchair and HP designating the vehicle as eligible to use handicapped parking spaces. New Mexico does not recognize a disabled veteran license plate alone as eligible to use handicapped parking. The state does recognize DV plates with the handicap wheelchair symbol in the bottom left corner as being synonymous with a handicap placard. To get the DV plate with the wheelchair you must fill out the same paperwork to get your standard HP plate.