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Posted 2/7/2007 Printable Fact Sheet

Much like many private accounting firms, the VITA Tax Center prefers to have each of its clients complete a questionnaire prior to having their taxes done. This questionnaire, the Client Intake Questionnaire, is designed to collect a wide variety of contact information.

If the tax center files an electronic tax return for a client that the IRS rejects the client must be contacted for additional information or in some cases the return must be filed manually. Having the client's current contact information, therefore, is essential.

Clients should take the time to fill out the questionnaire so that their tax return contains every deduction or credit to which they are entitled. It's very easy during the interview process to forget about some important deductible expenses. By taking the time to read through some or all of the CIQ forms, clients can make sure that nothing is forgotten and that they are well prepared to have their tax return completed with every benefit to which they are entitled.

The questionnaire is a multipart form. The only part that applies to everyone is the General part; the other parts may or may not apply. Read each of the descriptions to see whether a specific part of it applies to your tax situation. If it does, fill out that part.

Each part of the Customer Intake Questionnaire is described, and linked to a page that can either be printed or downloaded. The form may also be picked up at the main tax center.

CIQ - General. Everyone must complete this part. It is a form that asks for a variety of contact information such as home and work address, home and work telephone, work hours, etc.

CIQ - Dependent Information and Child Care. Everyone with children or dependents, and everyone with childcare expenses must complete this form.

CIQ - Educational Expenses and Credits. If you, or your spouse or children, had educational expenses during the year, such as costs for tuition, books, lab fees and the like, you need to complete this portion of the CIQ. This part of the CIQ also needs to be completed if you or your spouse was an elementary or high school teacher, and incurred out-of-pocket expenses as part of doing your job.

CIQ - Schedule A. Each year, taxpayers should make an assessment as to which is more advantageous, taking the standard deduction or itemizing all deductions. For most people, in order to do better than the standard deduction and file a Schedule A, the most important deductions are the combination of home mortgage interest and real estate taxes. Some taxpayers may also have substantial unreimbursed medical and dental expenses. If you have filed Schedule A in the past and your deductions are basically the same this year, or you feel that your itemized deductions, including mortgage interest, state, local and real estate taxes, charitable contributions and unreimbursed employee business expenses are large enough, you need to complete this portion of the CIQ.

CIQ - Capital Gains. If you sold anything of value during the year, including your home, stocks or bonds, any kind of collectible, investment or rental property, you need to complete this portion of the questionnaire.

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