Resources FYI: Education Center


With technology quickly advancing and base libraries becoming rarer, it’s important that Airmen know about the many education resources available to them. Fortunately for Kirtland Airmen, the Education Center offers personnel the means to help in pursuing their scholastic goals.

“A lot of people join the Air Force to get their education,” said Linda Campbell, Community College of the Air Force advisor. “We are here as their advocates to help them understand how to do that. We help them figure out what degree to follow, what school to go to, and how to finance it as well.”

Aside from assisting Airmen and their families on deciding which educational goals they would like to achieve, the Education Center also offers handy self-help online resources.

“While we are here to help the Airmen, we also want them to learn how to do these things on their own,” said Terri Bedford, 377th Force Support Squadron education services supervisor. “These different websites are great for people that want to seek out benefits on their own or even study for a class they might enroll in.”

Bedford offered three specific websites designed to help Airmen reach their education goals:

• is a free, on-demand tutoring website. Anonymous tutors are available to help 24/7 with a wide variety of subjects.

• offers a multitude of studying resources for CLEP and DANTES tests, ASVAB preparation, and even includes a resume builder tool.

• offers free study guides, practice tests, and resources to actually purchase other study materials.

“We really want to highlight resources like these,” Bedford said. “Even though we don’t have a base library, we still have a lot of helpful resources that tend to get swept under the rug.”

The education benefits offered set all service members up for success, no matter how long they plan on serving. For more information, contact the Kirtland Education Center at 846-9933.