Space Electronics & Protection Branch

Who We Are... 

The Air Force's premiere organization for research and development of Space Environmental Effects, Space Electronics, and Satellite Protection Technologies.

What We Do...

  • Investigate the effects of natural space radiation and atomic species, micrometeorites, and space debris on satellites components.
  • Understand and model the transport and interaction of space radiation environment (photons, electrons, protons, and ions) in electronic and electro-optic materials.
  • Analyze and simulate the mechanisms responsible for radiation-induced degradation in electronic devices and circuits.
  • Develop electronic device design and manufacturing technologies necessary to enable production of space electronics.
  • Demonstrate the feasibility and capability to develop advanced space electronic components.
  • Develop technologies which detect threats to satellite systems and then actively protect the systems from those threats.
The Space Electronics and Protection Branch is divided into operational units or "Groups." All of the groups share the same vision; however, each group has a distinct mission that contributes to the Branch Mission.