Tips to prevent Frozen Pipes

Tips to prevent Frozen Pipes
The possibility of pipes freezing increase the lower the temperature drops. At or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit it becomes critical to take preventive measures.

Faucets: should be left running, both for your sinks and tubs. T he volume of the stream should be approximately the size of lead in a pencil. Sinks: turn your faucet full hot and let it run until your water runs hot. Then turn your faucet to the middle position (having your faucet handle in the middle opens both the hot and cold lines) and decrease the flow until it is approximately the size of lead in a pencil. Tubs: adjust the flow so that you again have a steady stream approximately the size of lead in a pencil.

Cabinets: leave the doors open on all cabinets under sinks.

Garage doors: ensure garage doors are completely shut. Open these doors only as absolutely necessary.

Hose bibs: Disconnect hoses from all outside hose bibs.

Water Leaks in Your Home
If you have a water leak in your home, you can turn the water off yourself instead of waiting for a response from maintenance. If you have to turn the water off, please make sure you then call to report the problem.

The main water shut off for each house is inside the water meter box. These are located in front of each home. If you live in a duplex unit, there are two water meters in the box. The meter to the left will be for the A side, and the meter to the right will be for the B side. Below is an example of a typical water meter.

To shut off the water at the meter you'll need a crescent wrench, channel lock pliers or a similar tool. The shut off valve will have a "ridge" on the top and may have flanges with holes, as shown in the photograph below. Place the tool over the "ridge" and grasp it tightly. Most, if not all, will turn clockwise. Turn the valve until the holes in the flanges line up or, if there aren't flanges, until the valve stops turning. Check to ensure the water flow is slowing or stopped. Open faucets to assist in draining the system. Please do what you can to get excess water up and prevent further water damage.

Water Meter